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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

When to Consider Varicose Vein Treatments

If varicose veins are leading to any symptoms, one should consider medical evaluation. Patients report a wide variety of symptoms including burning or aching pain, throbbing, itching, and pressure sensations. Leg or ankle swelling is also a prominent complaint in those with varicose vein disease. Both discomfort and swelling can be signs of significant underlying circulation issues such as venous reflux, which requires additional testing for diagnosis.

Long-standing varicose vein disease can lead to many different problems, some more serious than others. This includes chronic wounds or ulcers in the feet and ankles (e.g. venous stasis ulcers), chronic leg or foot swelling or edema, discoloration or darkening pigment changes in the skin, thinning of the skin or other severe skin disorders including stasis dermatitis, recurrent thrombophlebitis, and increased risk of skin infections such as cellulitis. The longer that the varicose vein disease is present, the higher the likelihood of developing these medical problems.

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