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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vein disease?

Venous disease includes a number of conditions from simple spider veins, to varicose veins, and blood clots (deep venous thrombosis or DVT). Other venous diseases include conditions that affect the veins in the pelvis or abdomen that can cause swelling in the legs or even blood clots.

Why see a cardiovascular specialist like Dr. Ramanath for a vein problem?

Unfortunately, not all venous symptoms are due to varicose veins. While symptoms of swelling and pain and even ulcers may be due to varicose veins, other more serious conditions may result in the same or similar symptoms, such as deep venous thrombosis or DVT (blood clots in the legs), pelvic congestion/pelvic vein compression, other forms of peripheral vascular disease, and even heart disease! You therefore need a physician who is knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating and treating varicose veins, other venous and vascular diseases, and potentially serious heart conditions. A cardiologist who has extensive training and experience with all of the above is the physician you need. See patient testimonials.

Does insurance cover vein procedures?

Most vein procedures are covered by insurance, including Medicare, however payment depends on individual plans and deductibles.

What do I need to do or not do before my vein procedure?

Unlike hospital procedures, most vein procedures are office based and so therefore, you can eat a full meal and take all of your medications the day of your procedure. For certain procedures, our office may prescribe an antibiotic to be taken just before and after your procedure.

We typically recommend that you arrange for someone to drive you home after your vein procedure. However, there are no driving restrictions after sclerotherapy.

What happens post-procedure?

At the end of your procedure, you will be provided a post procedure care sheet. We will also review this sheet with you in person and answer any questions. If further questions arise after you leave the office, please call us at (972) 378-9560.

What if I have insurance or billing questions?

For any insurance/ billing questions, please contact HeartPlace at (972) 391-1900.

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