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January 15, 2018
Spider Veins

Your feet swell, it’s cold, and you are getting to feel it throbbing. This mostly happens when you sit for quite a long time. Well, the pain that you feel is not extraordinary. You have bad vein health and really need to improve it.

Truth be told, finding ways to develop your muscles, drop some weight, or even lower our stress levels is quite easy. However, most persons do not really give vein workout a thought today. In fact, a lot of people may never do so throughout their lifetime. Are you one of them?

Improving your vein health is very important and here are essential steps that you can take to achieve better health for your veins –

  • Stay Active

For most people who engage in office jobs, sitting at the desk for long periods of time is the norm. However, getting up at regular intervals and taking a walk around can help to improve blood pumping. Sitting for a long time can result in poor circulation no matter where you do the sitting. However, movement is the best way to solve this problem.

For healthy circulation, your veins perform the task of transporting blood from your legs to your heart. However, this process is inhibited by sitting or standing. The inability of your veins to effectively pull up blood will lead to swelling in the lower parts of your body (feet, ankles).

Walking more can help you to tackle this problem. You can simply walk for 30 minutes every day and do it consistently for five days every single week.

  • Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water help to improve blood flow by thinning your blood. Dehydration can cause your blood to thicken which can worsen issues of vein insufficiency.

  • Healthy eating habits

Your vein walls experience an improvement in their health when you consume lots of fruits and vegetables. It, also, helps to improve circulation. Your eating habits determine body performance, as well as, vein performance too. Consume foods which are rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, and you’ll be able to improve your blood flow.

Beets can, also, help to improve your blood flow helping your muscles to receive oxygen more efficiently. Salmon which comes full with a lot of omega-3 fatty acids s good for your veins too. Then again, purpose such as Cayenne can improve circulation. Lots of minerals and potassium increase the flow of blood, and you will find them in radishes.

  • Avoid smoking

Smoking results in deoxygenation and thickening of your blood. Then again, nicotine which is contained in tobacco smoke can cause your veins to become hard and narrow.

  • Use Compression

For persons that are at a higher risk of having venous insufficiency, compression socks are a very good way to improve the health of your veins. They improve muscle contraction, and this helps your veins to be able to drag blood up to your heart.

  • Yoga

This happens to be a very subtle way of improving your blood circulation. You can adopt different poses in other to promote vein compression and decompression in your legs. Gravity will be used to enhance the flow of blood. Some yoga poses that can help are the downward dog, as well as warrior Ii and more. According to research, yoga has an important role to play in blood circulation, getting your body energized, and relieving stress.

The moment that you notice signs of fatigue, as well as, heaviness and swelling in your body, we advise that you book an evaluation appointment with a vascular expert.

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