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January 15, 2018
Leg Pain

If you wish to reduce the possibility of ever experiencing a vascular disease, then, you need to begin eating healthy foods. Balanced diet benefits the body in a lot of ways. It helps regulate body weight, levels of cholesterol, and also, stabilize your blood pressure. However, did you know that eating healthy foods can help to improve your vascular health and prevent fatty deposits from accumulating in the arteries?

It is important that you consume lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as, starchy foods such as pasta, rice, and more while lowering the level of salt, sugar, as well as, saturated fats that you consume. Here are some foods that can effectively improve your vascular health –

     1. Cayenne Pepper

The spicy flavor that is possessed by cayenne pepper results from capsaicin. Capsaicin happens to be very effective in the promotion of blood circulation to your tissues. It does this by reducing your blood pressure and triggering nitric oxide release, as well as, other blood vessel expanding compounds (Vasodilators). This increases blood flow by causing the muscles in the walls of your blood vessels to relax.


     2. Pomegranate

Very juicy and sweet, it has a high concentration of strong vasodilators such as nitrates, as well as, polyphenol antioxidants. When you consume pomegranate, it can help to improve the flow of blood and help muscle tissue receive more oxygen.

     3. Onions

There are lots of flavonoid antioxidants contained in onions, and this benefits the heart. Onions can help to enhance circulation through artery and vein widening with an increase in blood flow.


     4. Cinnamon

This warming spice possesses many benefits and one of such is that it enhances blood circulation. Studies have shown that cinnamon can help to increase the dilation of your blood vessels and the circulation of blood in your coronary artery. It, also, has blood vessel relaxation properties which help to lower blood pressure.


     5. Garlic

The popularity of garlic in beneficially impacting blood circulation, as well as, heart health is widespread. Allicin which is found in garlic has been suggested to have the ability to increase the flow of blood in the tissues while regulating blood pressure through blood vessel relaxation.

     6. Fatty Fish

Salmon and mackerel serve as very good sources to get the omega-3 fatty acids which help to promote circulation as they enhance nitric oxide release. This results in blood vessel dilation, thus, resulting in increased blood flow. To reduce the risk of having platelets clumps in your blood, take in a lot of omega-3 fats.


     7. Beets

In order to enhance performance, a lot of athletes make use of beet juice, as well as, beet powder. Beets come in very high concentrations of nitrates that get converted into nitric oxide by the body. This helps to relax your blood vessels, thus, enhancing the flow of blood, especially, to the muscles. By consuming beet juice supplements, you can get to enhance the flow of oxygen in your muscles, promote the flow of blood, and raise the level of nitric oxide in your body with serves to increase your performance. Also, older adults who have issues with blood circulation will benefit from beets.


     8. Turmeric

Out of the numerous benefits that turmeric offers for your health, enhancing the flow of blood is one of them. In traditional medical practices of China, turmeric has always been used as a way of opening up the blood vessels while enhancing the circulation of blood. According to research, it is likely that curcumin promotes the production of nitric oxide, lowers oxidative stress, and has anti-inflammatory abilities.

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